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Status for libdvbcsa/1.1.0-4

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
backport/0007-removed-BS_XOREQ-macro-from-bitslice-ops-headers.patch removed BS_XOREQ macro from bitslice ops headers Alexandre Becoulet <> no 2013-05-20
backport/0001-Use-void-where-applicable.patch Use (void) where applicable =?utf-8?q?R=C3=A9mi_Denis-Courmont?= <> no 2011-07-18
backport/0002-removed-use-of-deprecated-AM_CONFIG_HEADER-macro-in-.patch removed use of deprecated AM_CONFIG_HEADER macro in Alexandre Becoulet <> no 2013-05-20
backport/0003-added-missing-inline-keywords.patch added missing inline keywords Alexandre Becoulet <> no 2013-05-20
backport/0004-use-integer-sse2-operations-instead-of-single-precis.patch use integer sse2 operations instead of single precision operations Alexandre Becoulet <> no 2013-05-20
backport/0005-reduced-arrays-size-in-bitslice-stream-cipher.patch reduced arrays size in bitslice stream cipher Alexandre Becoulet <> no 2013-05-20
backport/0006-replaced-bytes-array-cast-by-union-in-bitslice-block.patch replaced bytes array cast by union in bitslice block cipher lookup table code Alexandre Becoulet <> no 2013-05-20
backport/0008-Fix-C-compilation-using-the-library.patch Fix C++ compilation using the library
The linker wouldn't find the symbol otherwise
Jean-Baptiste Kempf <> no 2015-02-28
backport/0009-added-support-for-ARM-NEON.patch added support for ARM NEON Alexandre Becoulet <> no 2016-11-23
backport/0010-fixed-gcc-6-Wmisleading-indentation.patch fixed gcc 6 -Wmisleading-indentation Alexandre Becoulet <> no 2016-11-23

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