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Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
soversion.patch Change the SOVERSION, to revert an useless/wrong/unintentional bump made by upstream in
Also bumping the revision, due to the code change.
Mattia Rizzolo <> no 2015-03-18
tests.patch avoid failing tests when strace is absent. instead, just skip the entire test suite.
Note: this is probably not the best way to handle this case. Maybe a check
in debian/rules would be better...
Mattia Rizzolo <> not-needed 2014-11-15
drop-debian-stuff.patch This is causing a failure because makefile is looking for debian/compat, that we don't have anymore. Just drop it all, for clearity.
Upstream has its own (outdated) debian packaging in the repo, so it's not nice to forward this as it is.
Mattia Rizzolo <> not-needed 2021-04-17
test-no-distcheck.path do not run distcheck before the tests This creates a libeatmydata-${version}.tar.gz archive that has no business
being created during tests
Mattia Rizzolo <> no debian 2023-09-04
t64.patch Fix FTBFS on 32-bits with a t64 build yes debian 2024-04-22

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