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Status for libembperl-perl/2.5.0-17

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pod-errors.patch fix some POD errors offending to pod2text, lintian In addition and not fixed by this patch, Embperl/Form/Control/ has
the same POD as, which is likely wrong on a factual level. Both
files use a code point 0x80 in POD and as a string constant, which is the
EURO sign from Windows-1252 but unavailable in latin1, 0xA4 in iso8859-15,
U+20AC or perhaps best spelled out as 'EUR'
Florian Schlichting <> invalid
apache2.4-compat.patch [PATCH] Adapt to an Apache 2.4.10 + 2.4.40 error page change
The "Forbidden" error page was slightly changed by Apache commit

breaking the EmbperlObject/epobase.htm test. The fix works
with both the old and the new page format.

Some years and versions later:
Apache changed the output again (in 2.4.40):

Update the patch to hopefully work with all versions.
Niko Tyni <> no debian vendor 2019-10-07
perl5.20-compat.patch [PATCH 2/2] Add compatibility with Perl 5.20
Two error messages have changed slightly, dropping the 'Might be a
multi-line string' notes.

According to
this is due to upstream commit v5.19.3-296-gffdb8b1 so the conditionals
now look for 5.19.4 although this has only been tested with 5.20.0.
Niko Tyni <> yes debian upstream 2014-07-29
cgi-pm-4.04-compatibility.patch Add 4.x compatibility
Axel Beckert <> no debian
perl5.22-compat-PL_sv_objcount-removal.patch Compatibility fixes for Perl 5.22 This covers a) the PL_sv_objcount removal and b) tons of context
issues in the test suite -- which may actually indicate a bug in the
code and not the test suite..

Axel Beckert <> yes debian upstream
spelling-fixes-german.patch Spelling fixes for the German documentation Axel Beckert <> no
spelling.patch fix spelling mistakes Florian Schlichting <> no
unescaped-left-brace.patch fix "Unescaped left brace in regex is illegal here in regex" error gregor herrmann <> yes debian upstream vendor 2017-06-19
fix-undefined-behaviour-causing-FTBFS-with-Perl-5.28.patch Make undefined behaviour defined and hence fix FTBFS with Perl 5.28 Axel Beckert <> yes debian
fix-Makefile.PL-for-running-without-PERL_USE_UNSAFE_INC.patch Fix Makefile.PL and others for running without PERL_USE_UNSAFE_INC Needed for newer debhelper compatibility levels as well as likely
also for future Perl releases.
Axel Beckert <> no Fix outdated reference in POD Axel Beckert <> yes
pkg-config.patch Use pkg-config (via ExtUtils::PkgConfig) instead of {xml2,xslt}-config. At least the latter is about to go away. gregor herrmann <> no debian vendor 2020-01-15
fix-FTBFS-with--Wmisleading-indentation.patch Fix FTBFS with -Wmisleading-indentation Also fixes inconsistent gettid() declaration. Axel Beckert <> no debian
fix-FTBFS-due-to-missing-seek-on-rw-file-handle-in-test-suite.patch Fix FTBFS due to missing seek on r/w file hande in test suite Axel Beckert <> no debian

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