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Status for libgnatcoll-db/23.0.0-4

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
no-library-interface.diff Unset Library_Interface in sqlite project. It is intended to prevent installation of some sources and ALI files
by gprinstall, but also (probably unwantedly) hides the symbols from the
builder and gnade components to posterior links.
See debian/tests/link-sqlite for a reproducer.
Nicolas Boulenguez <> not-needed
link-pthread.diff link with pthread on some architectures There seem to be no reason to also add the flag to Linker'Linker_Options. Nicolas Boulenguez <> not-needed debian
interpreters.diff Debian likes explicit interpreters and provides no unversioned python anymore (it was python2) Nicolas Boulenguez <> not-needed

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