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Status for libitpp/4.3.1-10

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
sse2-immediate-fix.diff This patch is to fix an issue with g++ 7.3 onwards, where SSE2_SHUFF
needs to be an 8-bit immediate.

diff --git a/itpp/base/random_dsfmt.h b/itpp/base/random_dsfmt.h
index ccbf182..a3d5472 100644
741814-FTBFS-fix.diff commit 8781a1cef5d89a5a6c476c4e0afb9dac9f985dd8

corrected multilateration algorithm

diff --git a/itpp/comm/multilateration.cpp b/itpp/comm/multilateration.cpp
index c99e626..27ddcb3 100644
Bogdan Cristea <> no 2013-12-01
itpp-pc-fix.diff =================================================================== no
delete-sflogo.diff =================================================================== no
honour-SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH.diff Honour SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH in man pages Replace manpage timestamp with SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH only if the variable is
defined, to make the man pages reproducible.
Eduard Sanou <> no
gpp11_fix.diff Explicit itpp::any call to handle g++-11 FTBFS
Kumar Appaiah <> not-needed

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