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java9.patch java9
Don't use wildcards to avoid an ambiguous reference to java.lang.Module.
Markus Koschany <> no debian 2018-03-30
0001-fixed-234.patch [PATCH] fixed #234 cowtowncoder <cowtowncoder@cc757fca-8a48-0410-80b4-e22f7f27f4c6> no 2013-08-13
0002-Set-Secure-Processing-flag-on-DocumentBuilderFactory.patch [PATCH] Set Secure Processing flag on DocumentBuilderFactory PJ Fanning <> no 2016-07-01
0003-setExpandEntityReferences-false.patch [PATCH] setExpandEntityReferences(false) PJ Fanning <> no 2016-07-01
0004-Backport-writeRawValue-surrogate-pair-fix-from-2.x.patch [PATCH] Backport writeRawValue surrogate pair fix from 2.x
This is a backport of a Jackson 2.x fix:
Marcin Szczepanski <> no 2016-07-11
0005-fix-deserialization.patch [PATCH] fix deserialization Pawel Niegowski <> no 2017-04-21
0006-Backport-all-known-security-fixes-from-2.x-that-were.patch [PATCH] Backport all known security fixes from 2.x that were missing, related to public CVEs. Tatu Saloranta <> no 2017-12-20

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