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Status for libjogl2-java/2.5.0+dfsg-1

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
jar_paths.patch putting the paths of gluegen and ant-contrib jars in the ant build files Sylvestre Ledru <> not-needed 2023-04-17
swt.diff indicating the path of the swt jar Sylvestre Ledru <> not-needed 2023-04-17
disable_git_call.diff not calling git as part of the build process Sylvestre Ledru <> not-needed 2023-04-17
disable_android_2.diff skipping the androidtasks xml file Sylvestre Ledru <> not-needed 2023-04-17
manifest.diff specifying vendoring and updating classpath in the jar manifest Sylvestre Ledru <> not-needed 2023-04-17
s390x.diff providing ant targets to build on s390x Sylvestre Ledru <> invalid 2023-04-17
arm-build.diff providing ant targets to build on arm Sylvestre Ledru <> no 2023-04-17
disable-applet.diff skipping the build of the applet Sylvestre Ledru <> not-needed 2023-04-17
alpha.diff providing ant targets to build on alpha Michael Cree <> no 2023-04-17
ppc64.patch providing ant targets to build on ppc64 and ppc64el Sylvestre Ledru <> invalid 2023-04-17
clang_FTBFS.patch fix FTBFS with clang instead of gcc [-Wreturn-type] Nicolas Svelin-Radiguet <> invalid 2014-09-02
disable-test-compilation.patch Disable the compilation of the unit tests until all dependencies are available Emmanuel Bourg <> not-needed
java11.patch java11
Fix FTBFS with Java 9+. The javah tool is gone, nativeHeaderDir in Ant must be
used instead. The method getPeer() does not exist anymore.
Markus Koschany <> invalid debian 2019-02-23
openjfx_jars.patch passing the paths to the jars of openjfx, as none is embedded Pierre Gruet <> not-needed 2023-04-15
cc_attributes_in_build.patch removing attributes of the cc ant task that are not understood Pierre Gruet <> not-needed 2023-04-15
jni_include_files.patch as non-free headers of the JDK are not embedded in gluegen, we use the ones of the default OpenJDK, that are tweaked a bit during the Debian
Pierre Gruet <> not-needed 2023-04-16
skip_parts_of_build.patch skipping an useless part of the build Pierre Gruet <> not-needed 2023-04-16
skip_Win_and_Mac.patch skipping parts related to Windows, MacOS and iOS, as the needed non-free JDK headers have been removed from gluegen anyway. Pierre Gruet <> not-needed 2023-04-16
spelling.patch fixing spelling errors Pierre Gruet <> invalid 2023-04-17
hardening.patch passing hardening flags to the cc ant task Pierre Gruet <> not-needed 2023-04-17

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