Debian Patches

Status for libjxmpp-java/1.0.1-4

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
01-edit-build-system.patch Alter gradle build file to suite Debian
The following build system functionality is disabled because it is not needed in
Debian and simplifies packaging effort by not needed dependencies.

Error Prone and Animal Sniffer tools help upstream in avoiding errors and
ensuring compatibility with multiple version of Java.

JMH is used for benchmarking.

Coveralls and Jacoco are needed for code coverage analysis and reporting that
upstream developers can use to increase number of tests.

Eclipse and Idea plugins are needed for generating project files that can be
opened in respective IDEs.

Disable tests until all the dependencies are packaged and they can be run

Disable sub-projects that have additional dependencies and focus on parts that
are needed for Smack and Jitsi.
Sunil Mohan Adapa <> not-needed 2021-05-01
02-avoid-this-escape.patch workaround this-escape warnings for Java 21 Workaround this-escape warning for Java 21 (declare final or
suppress the warning where inheritance is present).
Vladimir Petko <> yes debian upstream 2024-01-30

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