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Status for liblbfgs/1.10-8

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
0001-tweaked-libtool-package-versioning-to-conform-with-d.patch tweaked libtool package versioning to conform with debian Dima Kogan <> not-needed 2011-11-01
0002-use-free-for-memory-allocated-by-posix_memalign.patch use free() for memory allocated by posix_memalign
The SSE code was making sure to use the system-dependent flavors of mallc() but
was not doing so for the corresponding free()

_aligned_free is used in arithmetic_sse_float.h, but other headers use free() in
same position. memblock will be allocated by posix_memalign in Linux, so please
use free() instead of _aligned_free.

Patch provided at
Koichi Akabe <> invalid 2014-01-18
0003-The-comment-describing-the-default-max_linesearch-va.patch The comment describing the default max_linesearch value now matches the code

The code set it to 40, but the comment said 20. The comment now matches the code
Dima Kogan <> yes 2014-01-18

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