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Status for libminc/2.4.06-2.1

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
build-using-system-find-dot-cmake Build using system findpackage.cmake files

The sources contain an older copy of FindNETCDF.cmake.
We delete that in debian/rules to use the system-supplied
version, but also require this patch so that the newer
variable HDF5_C_LIBRARIES is used.
Steve Robbins <> no 2022-09-01
initialize_arrays_in_tests.patch Initialize arrays in tests
in C it can not be assumed that the arrays are initialaized to a sane
value when they are declared on the stack, hence initialiaze the
dimension to zero (this also makes the compiler fill the whole struct
with zeros.
Gert Wollny <> no 2022-09-01
disable-dimension-test.patch Disable the minc2 dimension tests, fails on bigendian

This is a temporary measure to get reverese dependencies like ITK
forward. ITK needs this new version and doesn't run on bigendian
Gert Wollny <> yes upstream 2022-09-01
0005-Fix-setting-of-LIBMINC_USE_FILE_CONFIG-to-be-correct.patch Fix setting of LIBMINC_USE_FILE_CONFIG to be correct for Debian. Steve Robbins <> no 2022-09-01
0005-Disable-setting-RPATH.patch Disable setting RPATH. Steve Robbins <> no 2022-09-01

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