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Status for libnl3/3.7.0-0.2

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
debian/etc-libnl-3.diff [PATCH] install into etc/libnl-3
Prevent naming conflicts with libnl2 or later conffiles.
Heiko Stuebner <> no
debian/no-symvers.diff [PATCH] Disable symbol versioning
libnl3 after 3.2.21 enabled symbol versioning [0] without increasing the
soname of the library, producing issues with our symbol lists.

Until we hit a regular soname bump, it might be easiest to keep symbol
versioning disabled.

Heiko Stuebner <> no
debian/__nl_cache_ops_lookup-unstatic.diff [PATCH] Revert "cache_mngt: Make __nl_cache_ops_lookup() static, it was never declared"

This reverts commit 5329f6a6c792fc444e90e928f3b0ccec303f201a.
Heiko Stuebner <> no 2015-07-05
debian/_nl_socket_generate_local_port_no_release.diff [PATCH] Add _nl_socket_set_local_port_no_release stub
libnl commit eaa75b7c7d3e ("socket: fix assertion in nl_connect() when all
ports are already in use") removed _nl_socket_generate_local_port_no_release
in favor of a more flexible variant.

Readd a stub function to make our symbols happy
Heiko Stuebner <> no 2016-01-24
debian/tca_set_kind.diff [PATCH] Revert "route/tc: Remove unused function tca_set_kind()"
This reverts commit e2d8f05bd9ffc6748d1c02482cba8c693a49557c.
Heiko Stuebner <> no 2017-11-03

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