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spelling-errors.patch spelling errors Onur Aslan <> yes upstream
moose-initializers.patch Plugins: Call initializers in correct order
According to Class::MOP::Attribute manual:

Note that there is no guarantee that attributes are initialized in any
particular order, so you cannot rely on the value of some other attribute when
generating the default.

This is exactly what was being done, causing test failures ever since hash key
order was randomized (RT#82142):

Can't use an undefined value as an ARRAY reference at lib/Scrappy/ line 21.

Let's just initialize plugins() lazily -- it will still be initialized upon the
instance creation, since registry() will trigger it, just in the correct order
Lubomir Rintel <> yes upstream
scraper-control.patch Fix Scrapy::Scraper::Control and its test
It's rather broken, possibly due to some careless copy & pasting:

* in restrict() and allow(), "next" outside loops is used in place
of function returns
* in is_allowed(), argument is assumed to be an URI instance despite the
function takes a string. Also, a chunk of code (apparently copied from
lines above), mistakes allowed() for restricted() and apart from that
leaves the logic reversed.
* Moreover, the test does not pass a valid URI to a subroutine that
expects one

The silly condition is left as entertainment for future generations:

if (keys %{$self->restricted}) {
if (keys %{$self->restricted}) {
Lubomir Rintel <> yes upstream
access-rights-octal.patch scrappy creates files with interesting permissions like --w----r-T File::Util expects a bitmask which should be given in octal mode.
Let's do this.
Additionally, make the created scripts executable.
gregor herrmann <> yes debian vendor 2014-06-22

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