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Status for libsoup2.4/2.74.3-1

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skip-tls_interaction-test.patch skip tls_interaction test
This test is too unreliable on Debian architectures
and this package is too critical to not get timely updates

[smcv: Allow running it anyway, by setting an environment variable]
Jeremy Bicha <> yes upstream 2018-10-08
tests-Skip-tests-if-unable-to-start-Apache.patch tests: Skip tests if unable to start Apache
This is a workaround for Apache not always being able to bind to its
hard-coded ports, which happens often enough to be a problem for Debian
QA infrastructure, but not often enough to be able to debug it.
Simon McVittie <> yes 2020-03-11
Record-Apache-error-log-for-unit-tests-and-show-it-during.patch Record Apache error log for unit tests and show it during teardown
This helps to diagnose problems with the Apache-based tests.
Simon McVittie <> no 2021-12-27
Mark-XMLRPC-tests-as-flaky.patch Mark XMLRPC tests as flaky
They seem likely to fail during the PHP 8 transition, and don't seem to
be amazingly reliable in general.
Simon McVittie <> not-needed 2021-12-27

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