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Status for libspf2/1.2.10-8.2

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
spf_dns-include-std-headers.patch Include arpa/nameser.h and netdb.h from spf_dns.h instead of defining the constants needed unless certain HAVE_ macros are defined.
Updated for libspf2 1.2.8/9 by Scott Kitterman <>
Magnus Holmgren <> no
abolish-spf-rrtype.patch Stop trying to look up the dedicated SPF DNS RR type, which was abolished by RFC 7208. The rr_type variable and the all the
"goto retry" commands could be deleted as well, but let's keep the
patch minimal.
gcc5-variadicmacros.patch no
error_results.patch Return header info also in case of missing or multiple SPF records.
diff --git a/src/libspf2/spf_interpret.c b/src/libspf2/spf_interpret.c
index a35b58c..5f15df4 100644
Sebastian Schweizer <> yes upstream
spf_compile.c-Correct-size-of-ds_avail.patch spf_compile.c: Correct size of ds_avail. Shevek <> no 2021-06-05
Sanity-check-for-sprintf.patch Sanity check for sprintf Nathaniel <> no 2021-06-08
Fixed-reverse-macro-modifier.patch Fixed 'reverse' macro modifier Nathaniel <> no 2021-06-08
no-libreplace.patch Don't use unnecessary libreplace libreplace isn't providing anything of utility here, it's unconditional and
causing build failures on some architectures.

Steve Langasek <> no
spf_compile.c-more-correct-size-of-ds_avail.patch Fix potential integer overflow when available checking space for SPF macro string literal May resolve #1053870.

diff --git a/src/libspf2/spf_compile.c b/src/libspf2/spf_compile.c
index b08ffe2..d401028 100644
Simon Arlott no
fix-include.patch Fix FTBFS with -Werror=implicit-function-declaration Include string.h in spf_utils.c to get a declaration for memset(). Michael Hudson-Doyle <> no debian vendor

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