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Status for libxml-sax-perl/1.02+dfsg-3

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
skip-test-with-nonfree-file Skip a test depending on a non-free input file (testfiles/xmltest.xml) no debian vendor
charset-decoding Fix charset decoding in the PurePerl module (#405186) Niko Tyni <> no 2007-11-04
parserdetails-debian The Debian way of handling ParserDetails.ini Use update-perl-sax-parsers(8) instead.
* the meat of the modifications
+ add XML::SAX->save_parsers_debian(), used by update-perl-sax-parsers
+ disable XML::SAX->save_parsers() with a helpful error message for
users trying to install SAX parsers manually from CPAN
* Makefile.PL: Don't try to modify ParserDetails.ini when building the package
* t/01known.t, t/99cleanup.t: Skip tests related to XML::SAX->save_parsers()
Ansgar Burchardt <> (XML::SAX::Debian) no
pod-spelling fix spelling errors in POD gregor herrmann <> invalid
Fix-another-typo-in-POD.patch Fix another typo in POD intrigeri <> no 2019-07-21
sort-ini-entries Sort the entries in the .ini-files. This generates the files with a constant content Roland Clobus <> yes debian upstream 2021-09-01

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