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kfreebsd.patch diff --git a/src/gvl/support/platform.h b/src/gvl/support/platform.h
index fe2b14d..86dcaa6 100644
adapt-to-new-libconfig.patch [PATCH] Adapt to new libconfig++
The new libconfig++ have removed operator[](const std::string &), so use
const char* instead via c_str().

Thanks to Simon McVittie for preparing a patch, which intially went
unnoticed, but eventually helped in creating the final result here.
Martin Erik Werner <> no 2015-08-17
0001-Use-unaligned-access-define-over-checking-arch.patch [PATCH 1/3] Use unaligned access define over checking arch
This todo item seems like it done, and just needed implementing...
Martin Erik Werner <> no 2015-06-28
0002-At-least-try-building-for-other-archs-than-x86.patch [PATCH 2/3] At least try building for other archs than x86*
Allow attempting to build for other architectures than x86 and x86_64,
whether or not the build will succeed or produce sane output is another
question... It emits plenty of warnings about it now though...

Configuration of the FPU controller is disabled on all but x86*, and the
uninformed hope and prayer is that defaults will be fine without messing
with them.
Martin Erik Werner <> no 2015-06-28
0003-Remove-unknown-arch-warning.patch [PATCH 3/3] Remove unknown arch warning
The warning was just excessivley spammy, remove it.
Martin Erik Werner <> no 2015-06-28
reproducible-build.patch reproducible build Reiner Herrmann <> no debian 2017-11-22

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