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Status for lime/5.2.0+dfsg-3

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
0002-Set-proper-installation-location-for-the-Doxygen-doc.patch Set proper installation location for the Doxygen documentation Dennis Filder <> no 2021-12-04
0003-Install-.cmake-files-in-usr-lib-arch-triplet.patch Install .cmake files in /usr/lib/<arch-triplet> Dennis Filder <> no 2021-12-04
0004-Ensure-lower-case-JAR-file-name.patch Ensure lower-case JAR file name Dennis Filder <> no 2021-12-04
honour-build-profiles.patch Modify the build system so -doc and -java can be independently omitted
during the build.
install-pkgconfig-file.patch no
define-project-version.patch no
bc-de7c88d8-gcc13-fixes.patch [PATCH] Fix build for GCC13 Andrea Gianarda <> no 2023-04-27

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