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Status for litl/0.1.9-13

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
reproducible-doc no
doc-dir commit 24c3a17ac268a2ee91e0649d53f0fd6364f613d9

fix the installation of the documentation

diff --git a/doc/ b/doc/
index 44ac248..58c42f0 100644
francois.trahay <> no 2017-08-10
fix-non-linux commit 86c0692ecff8abad6d1bbb86596384a1a2bf3e8d

fix the compilation of litl on non-linux machines

diff --git a/src/litl_write.c b/src/litl_write.c
index 77b8f0b..ce39079 100644
francois.trahay <> no 2017-08-16
doc-nopdf no
race_condition_test_litl_write_multiple_threads commit e3e1543b31ed686f05ac53ded9ec501a29937063

fix a race condition in test_litl_write_multiple_threads* tests

diff --git a/tests/test_litl_write_multiple_threads.c b/tests/test_litl_write_multiple_threads.c
index b2f367c..130bf67 100644
Fran├žois Trahay <> no 2019-09-25

commit 3c9d0baaa0611b1cdc481c085cee766455491a6c

Fix test build warning on 32bit platforms

fseek returns a long anyway.

diff --git a/tests/test_litl_mapping_to_fxt.c b/tests/test_litl_mapping_to_fxt.c
index ef32178..01a2342 100644
Samuel Thibault <> no 2021-02-15

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