Debian Patches

Status for lldpad/1.1.1-1

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
fix-lintian-warning-on-lldpad-init.patch Add $network, $remote_fs to Required-Start and Required-Stop.
Add Short-Description.
Change default start and stop runlevel.
fix-cannot-adjust-line-in-dcbtool-8.patch Fix cannot adjust line warning on dcbtool.8 in lintian.
Fix hyphen-used-as-minus-sign on lldpad.8
fix-cannot-adjust-line-in-dcbtool-ets-8.patch Fix cannot adjust line warning on in lintian. no
fix-numeric-expression-expected-in-vdptool-8.patch Fix lintian warning in vdptool manpage Valentin Vidic <> no 2017-10-19
dont-touch-var-lock-subsys-lldpad-when-start.patch Don't touch /var/lock/subsys/lldpad when /etc/init.d/lldpad startup.
For debian does not ship /var/lock/subsys/lldpad and /etc/init.d/lldpad
don't use it either.
specify_subdir-objects.patch specify subdir-objects for directories no debian 2014-02-10
bash-completion.patch Update dir for installing bash completions Debian uses /usr/share/bash-completion/completions Valentin Vidic <> no 2017-09-03
remove-syslog-target-from-lldpad-service.patch Remove from lldpad.service Warning about syslog.targed reported by lintian Valentin Vidic <> no 2017-10-19
spelling-fixes.patch Fix spelling errors reported by lintian Valentin Vidic <> no 2018-01-26
add-lldpad-service-documentation.patch Add lldpad.service Documentation value Valentin Vidic <> no 2018-01-26
fix-hardening-flags.patch Fix hardening warning reported by blhc Valentin Vidic <> no 2019-08-16

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