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Status for lomiri-session/0.2-4

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
0001_desktop-dm-lomiri-session-Drop-old-wizard-has-run-ch.patch [PATCH] desktop/dm-lomiri-session: Drop old wizard-has-run check looking at the wrong location anyway. Mike Gabriel <> no 2023-02-13
0002_lomiri-session-Put-evaluation-of-ps-call-in-quotes.patch [PATCH] lomiri-session: Put evaluation of ps call in quotes.
Resolves this bash error (parts of the error translated from German):

2023-02-13T08:57:38.592437+01:00 lomiri lomiri-session[4644]: /usr/bin/lomiri-session: Zeile 102: [: !=: Unitary operator expected.
2023-02-13T08:57:38.592886+01:00 lomiri lomiri-session[4644]: /usr/bin/lomiri-session: Zeile 106: kill: (4734) - No such process
Mike Gabriel <> no 2023-02-13
0003_lomiri-session-Properly-differentiate-between-Ubuntu.patch [PATCH] lomiri-session: Properly differentiate between Ubuntu Touch session and Lomiri Desktop session. Mike Gabriel <> no 2023-02-13
0004_lomiri-session-Check-for-presence-of-Xwayland-use-th.patch [PATCH] lomiri-session: Check for presence of Xwayland, use that check directly, don't use extra variable NO_X11 for it. Mike Gabriel <> no 2023-02-13
0005_systemd-lomiri.service-Drop-Before-and-Wants-for-ind.patch [PATCH] systemd/lomiri.service: Drop Before= and Wants= for Mike Gabriel <> no 2023-02-14

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