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Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
spelling-fixes.patch Fix trivial spelling error. Yavor Doganov <> yes 2019-01-25
no-crypto.patch Don't link with libcrypto; completely unnecessary. Yavor Doganov <> yes 2019-01-25
pantomime1.2.patch Port to Pantomime 1.2. A large portion of this patch has been applied upstream in 0.4.3. Yavor Doganov <> no debian 2019-01-24
mark-string-as-translatable.patch Mark one string as translatable. Yavor Doganov <> no 2006-11-21
bg-translation.patch Add Bulgarian translation. Yavor Doganov <> no 2006-11-21
gcc-warnings.patch Fix some GCC warnings. cast to pointer from integer of different size
cast from pointer to integer of different size
pointer targets in assignment differ in signedness
pointer targets in passing argument N of 'foo' differ in signedness
conflicting types for '-foo'
'Foo' may not respond to '-bar'
passing argument N of 'foo:' from distinct Objective-C type
passing argument N of ‘foo:’ from incompatible pointer type
'-foo' not found in protocol(s)
@interface of class 'Foo' not found
no '-foo' method found
ignoring return value of 'foo', declared with attribute warn_unused_result
Yavor Doganov <> no debian 2019-01-24

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