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Status for m2crypto/0.38.0-4

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
0001-import-inspect-in-urllib-2.patch import inspect in urllib 2
Added "import inspect" to M2Crypto/ (Closes: #493314, #484364, #477799).
Reviewed by: Daniel Stender <>
Dima Barsky <> no 2017-11-05
0002-Mark-some-tests-as-expected-failure-with-openssl-v3.patch Mark some tests as expected failure with openssl v3. Dimitri John Ledkov <> no debian 2022-05-18
0003-these-are-being-removed-upstream-in-Openssl-in-M2cry.patch these are being removed upstream in Openssl & in M2crypto Dimitri John Ledkov <> no debian 2022-05-18
0004-Adjust-some-test-suite-expectations-for-openssl-v3.patch Adjust some test suite expectations for openssl v3. Dimitri John Ledkov <> no debian 2022-05-18
0005-Force-enable-tlsv1-for-the-tls1-tests.patch Force enable tlsv1 for the tls1 tests. Dimitri John Ledkov <> no debian 2022-05-18
0006-Skip-TLSv1-Test.patch Skip TLSv1 Test Stefano Rivera <> no 2022-05-18
0007-Mitigate-the-Bleichenbacher-timing-attacks-in-the-RS.patch Mitigate the Bleichenbacher timing attacks in the RSA decryption API (CVE-2020-25657)

Fixes #282
=?utf-8?q?Mat=C4=9Bj_Cepl?= <> no debian upstream, 2022-06-28
0008-Import-setuptools-before-distutils.patch Import setuptools before distutils
setuptools 60 uses its own bundled version of distutils, by default. It
injects this into sys.modules, at import time. So we need to make sure
that it is imported, before anything else imports distutils, to ensure
everything is using the same distutils version.

This change in setuptools is to prepare for Python 3.12, which will drop
Stefano Rivera <> yes 2022-11-12

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