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Status for mapsembler2/2.2.4+dfsg1-4

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
skip_mphe mphe uses sse which is not available on all archs Disable in makefile the use of this lib as not mandatory Olivier Sallou no
use_debian_libs use Debian libs instead of embedded one Olivier Sallou <> no
run_pipeline use tools in path instead of local dirs as upstream Olivier Sallou <> no
add_hardening add hardening Olivier Sallou <> no
gcc-5.patch Fix type of prefix_trashable since gcc-5 is picky about it Gianfranco Costamagna <> no debian 2015-09-01
libgomp.patch Add missing -lgomp Andreas Tille <> no 2016-12-21
spelling.patch Fix spelling Andreas Tille <> no 2018-10-10
no_std_hash_redefinition.patch remove redefinition of ‘struct std::hash<__int128 unsigned>’ This definition is not needed anymore with recent compiler versions apparently
on _LP64 systems. I'm not sure yet of The proper approach to address it in a
more architecture independent way.
Étienne Mollier <> no debian 2020-10-13
gcc10.patch fix common gcc10 FTBFS issue After fixing #957519 with no_std_hash_redefinition.patch, a few more issues
common to Gcc 10 cropped up. This patch addresses them.
Étienne Mollier <> no debian 2020-10-13
check_memory.patch check memory of OAHash construction This has been written to try debugging why autopkgtest failures occurred on
32bit architectures. While the package ended up being removed out of 32 bits
architectures repositories, this sort of control may remain useful to users of
mapsembler2 to diagnose issues; this is more useful message than "Segmentation
Étienne Mollier no 2020-10-15
cross.patch mapsembler2 FTCBFS: multiple reasons mapsembler2 fails to cross build from source, because it builds for the
build architecture. It does not pass any cross flags to cmake nor any
cross tools to make. In general, these kind of issues can often be
solved using dh_auto_*. In this case, that mostly does the trick except
for one aspect. Some makefiles use CC to store a C++ compiler. During
cross compilation, dh_auto_build passes a C compiler via CC and that
doesn't go well. I recommend changing the variable name to CXX, which is
what everyone uses.
Helmut Grohne <> no debian 2020-11-09
gcc11.patch fix ftbfs with gcc 11 Starting with Gcc 11, ordering relations against pointers are now flagged.
This is especially useful to spot iterators with types mismatches compared
to the CPU architecture they run on. In this particular case, an iterator
is used on a couple of occasions, and tested against with "less than 0"
comparisons. In a few situations the absence of typing might have caused
issues already, because some occurrences are cast to "long int". In order
to match the CPU architecture size, and avoid architecture specific bugs,
the proper type would more probably be ssize_t. This type is cast where
Étienne Mollier <> no debian 2021-07-12

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