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Status for mash/2.3+dfsg-6

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
hardening.patch add hardening support This patch adds the missing LDFLAGS for hardening support. Sascha Steinbiss <> no
use_debian_mathjax.patch use Debian's Mathjax Sascha Steinbiss <> no
drop_memcpy_wrapper.patch drop memcpy wrapper Not needed here, as our binaries needn't be portable across glib versions. Sascha Steinbiss <> no
link_dynamically_against_capnp.patch link dynamically against libcapnp and friends Sascha Steinbiss <> no
parallel.patch Fix parallel build failures "capnp compile" ran twice, and in parallel builds twice in parallel.
This resulted in occasional build failures caused by corrupt output files.
Fix the Makefile to only run "capnp compile" once.
Adrian Bunk <> no
use_debian_packaged_libmurmurhash.patch use debian packaged libmurmurhash Andreas Tille <> no 2019-02-05
use-CXX-from-configure.patch Pass @CXX@ into for fixing cross-satsfiablity problem Do not use "uname -s" in -- this is bad for cross builds. Rather propagate the variable in Nilesh Patra <> no 2021-03-11
gcc-11.patch Fix "error: numeric_limits is not a member of std" Andreas Tille <> yes 2021-10-12
gcc-13.patch fix ftbfs with gcc 13 tienne Mollier <> no debian 2023-07-20

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