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Status for mgp/1.13a+upstream20090219-12

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
make-fixes.diff # DP: the imake-generated Makefiles do subdir distclean already no
warning-fixes.diff # DP: fix tons of compiler warnings
# DP: also, make sure our CFLAGS etc. are actually used
01_mgpnet_in.diff no
04_tex2ps_bashism.diff no
05_rakugaki_cursor.diff no
568339.patch no
bugfixes.diff # DP: several bugfixes: uninitialised variables, bad access,
# DP: wrong format, aliasing violation, wrong pointer target,
# DP: NUL in format, buffer sizing, sequence point violation
guide-rendering.diff # DP: fix guide rendering somewhat and make it consistent
# DP: also allow ISO-2022-JP to ISO-8859-1 return code
spelling-fixes.diff # DP: spelling fixes, from lintian no
957539.diff # DP: #957539 avoid by renaming; still unsure whether this is correct
# DP: but rename yyfilename as well since yy prefix is reserved-ish

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