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Status for micro-evtd/3.4-7

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
0001-buffalo-files.patch buffalo-files Ryan Tandy <> no 2011-06-01
0002-dont-copy-eventscript.patch dont-copy-eventscript Ryan Tandy <> no 2012-04-14
0003-bashisms.patch bashisms Ryan Tandy <> no 2012-04-15
0004-fix-typo-in-manpages.patch fix typo in manpages
Thanks to lintian
Roger Shimizu <> no 2016-12-01
0005-Check-for-mmap-returning-MAP_FAILED.patch Check for mmap returning MAP_FAILED
On Debian kernels >= 4.8.4-1~exp1 this happens due to STRICT_DEVMEM being enabled. Handle it gracefully and fallback to the UART-based button detection.
Ryan Tandy <> no 2016-12-02
0006-Match-default-temperature-configuration-to-the-confi.patch Match default temperature configuration to the config file Yoichi Imai <> no 2016-03-20
0007-Fix-FTBFS-with-glibc-2.30.patch Fix FTBFS with glibc 2.30 Ryan Tandy <> no 2021-05-01
0008-Don-t-create-world-writable-files.patch Don't create world-writable files
Set umask to 022 on startup instead of 000.

Fixes the pid and status files being created world-writable.
Ryan Tandy <> no debian 2021-05-21

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