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Status for minetest/5.6.1+dfsg+~1.9.0mt8+dfsg-2

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
shared_mods.patch Add lookup path for package modules.Also look under /usr/share/games/minetest for mods, so that minetest-mod-*
packages actually work.
Tobias Frost <> no 2022-10-20
rawlua.patch rawlua Markus Koschany <> no 2017-06-04
postgresql.patch postgresql
Fix for not finding PostgreSQL.
Markus Koschany <> no 2020-02-01
fix-typos.patch fix typos J. Puydt yes
arch-support.patch [PATCH] debian/arch-support
Building on non-linux architectures currently fails with unpatched
irrlicht because irrlicht tries to create Joystick support using
linux-specific headers. However there's infrastructure to disable
Joystick support, we just need to activate that on non-linux

Additionally if built on a sparc machine irrlicht assumes wrongly it's
a solaris system. We fix this wrong assumption as our sparc builds are
all on linux.

Finally irrlicht exceeds the size constraights for -fpic requiring to
build with -fPIC. As upstream doesn't do that we need to fix this for
sparc and s390 builds (powerPC?).
Christoph Egger <> no
enable_hardening.patch Pass CFLAGS and CPPFLAGS to build process To enable hardening, CFLAGS and CPPFLAGS needs to be used in the build. Tobias Frost <> yes 2022-09-16
override_path_for_autopkgtest.patch Fix unit tests to be run standalone For the unittests, upstream "bakes in" the build directory path, via
${CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR} to locate the resources required by the tests.
This patch replaces the fixed path by a relative path to the src directory,
and allows one to override them using environment variables.
The downside is, that now the unittests have to either specify the environment
variables or be run from the top level source dir.
The upside is, that autopkgtest will work without recompiling.
Tobias Frost <> invalid 2022-09-16
disable-TestLua.patch Disabling testLuaDestructors This test uncoveres an issue that can lead to memory leaks on certain
architures, especially when not compiled with LuaJIT.
See the referenced issue, linked in Bug below for details.
Tobias Frost <> not-needed upstream 2022-09-20
use-system-lua++-patch Use pkgconfig to find C++ variant of Lua-5.1 Upstream compiles lua a c++ as well, and lua is c++ aware if
done so, so lets use the packaged c++ libraries as well.
Tobias Frost <> invalid 2022-09-21

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