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Status for mlpcap/0.9-21

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
04_shtool.diff shtool
diff -urNad mlpcap-0.9~/etc/shtool mlpcap-0.9/etc/shtool
Sylvain Le Gall <> no
05_configure_in.diff configure_in
diff -urNad mlpcap-0.9~/ mlpcap-0.9/
Sylvain Le Gall <> no
06_configure.diff configure
diff -urNad mlpcap-0.9.orig~/configure mlpcap-0.9.orig/configure
Sylvain Le Gall <> no
02_ocamlfind_for_example.diff Use ocamlfind to compile the project
diff -urNad mlpcap-0.9~/tests/ mlpcap-0.9/tests/
Sylvain Le Gall <> no
03_correct_META.diff Fix META file Sylvain Le Gall <> no
07_dll_with_camlidl.diff Use system's libcamlidl.a
diff -urNad mlpcap-0.9~/OCamlMakefile mlpcap-0.9/OCamlMakefile
Sylvain Le Gall <> no
08_ffcall.diff Fix detection of callback library The callback library is now embedded in libffcall, and the symbol names have
changed, hence fix the configure test.
Sbastien Villemot <> no 2017-11-09

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