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Status for mpgtx/1.3.1-6

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
05-fixes-tagmp3.patch Fixes tagmp3 error in truncating year when entered interactively (bug #167313) Erik Schanze <> no
10-filenames-with-brackets.patch allow file names beginning with bracket, because not all, that begins with '[' is a range. Closes: #177169

diff -urNad /home/es/devel/debian/mpgtx/mpgtx-1.3/commandline.cxx mpgtx-1.3/commandline.cxx
Erik Schanze <> no
15-g++4-fixes.patch patch to fix a compiler warning
diff -urNad --exclude=CVS --exclude=.svn ./mpeg.cxx /tmp/dpep-work.MkYmFC/mpgtx-1.3.1/mpeg.cxx
Erik Schanze <> no
20-write-header-fix.patch There was a problem, if there is not PACK header directly before first video. Now there is the correct check for it, before we use
PACK data.

diff -urNad mpgtx-1.3.1~/mpegOut.cxx mpgtx-1.3.1/mpegOut.cxx
<> no
25-fix-crash-missing-audio.patch Prevent crash if joining two files, one with audio, one not Closes: 562146, (Thanks to Chris Hooper for the patch)

diff -urNad '--exclude=CVS' '--exclude=.svn' '--exclude=.git' '--exclude=.arch' '--exclude=.hg' '--exclude=_darcs' '--exclude=.bzr' mpgtx-1.3.1~/mpeg.cxx mpgtx-1.3.1/mpeg.cxx
Erik Schanze <> no
30-g++4.9-fixes.patch no
40-enable-ext-compile-flags.patch no

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