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register-parse.patch commit eedf406a48e8354f680df19abb0784d9cd3ac1c5

Fail to read/write if register number is not parsed correctly

It's possible that a user will provide a register number in a format
that strtoul() can't parse. strtoul() will return 0 if it fails to parse
a value. The msr-tools will then silently read/write to MSR 0x0 and
succeed. At best this may confuse the user, or at worst this will
unintentionally write bad data to the system.

Check that the register number parsing has succeeded. If it fails, then
inform the user, give a suggestion, and exit.

Signed-off-by: Yazen Ghannam <>
Yazen Ghannam <> no 2018-09-17
flags.patch Allow makefile to pick up cflags
Upstream git switched to autotools so this can hopefully go away if they
ever do another release after msr-tools 1.3.
Andres Salomon <> no

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