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Status for mu-editor/1.0.3+dfsg-6

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
remove-problematic-runtime-dependencies Remove dependencies that may no be found at runtime Some distributions are not found by pkg_resources when load_entry_point is
called at startup
Nick Morrott <> not-needed 2019-01-16
soften-dependency-versions Soften upstream dependencies to match Debian availability Nick Morrott <> not-needed 2002-06-13
avoid-floats-for-int-arguments On Python 3.10+, we cannot use floats for int arguments yes upstream 2022-05-17
remove-unavailable-rpi-dependencies Remove references to unpackaged Raspberry Pi control libraries Mu supports the Raspberry Pi (both natively via gpiozero, and remotely via
pigpio), but some dependencies are not yet packaged for Debian (or for
all architectures):
- gpiozero (only packaged for arm64,armel,armhf)
see RFP:
- pigpio (currently only the client packaged)
see RFP:
Nick Morrott <> not-needed 2019-01-16
replace-sourcecodepro-font-with-inconsolata Remove hard-coded dependency on the Source Code Pro font Mu bundles the Adobe Source Code Pro font with its source, and hard-codes its
use within the editor. This patch removes this requirement, replacing it with
the Inconsolata font, which is already packaged for Debian. Separately, we
repackage the source (via Files-Excluded) to remove the fonts from the
Debian source tarball and add a binary dependency on fonts-inconsolata.
Note that Debian packaging efforts for the Adobe Font Development Kit for
OpenType (#762252) and the Source Code Pro fonts (#736681) remain unresolved
at the time of creating this patch.
Nick Morrott <> not-needed 2018-12-21
use-system-uflash use the packaged version of During repacking of the upstream source we remove the convenience copy of, which is provided on Debian in the python3-uflash package
Nick Morrott <> not-needed 2018-12-21
disable-buttons-in-alabaster-sphinx-theme Disable creation of Github buttons in sphinx documentation Nick Morrott <> not-needed 2018-12-21
replace-embedded-youtube-videos-with-links Remove embedded Youtube videos and replace with links Nick Morrott <> not-needed 2018-12-21
remove-non-dfsg-images-from-docs Remove references to non-DFSG images removed from source Nick Morrott <> not-needed 2018-12-21
remove-non-dfsg-resources Remove references to non-DFSG-compatible resources We remove eep.wav during repacking due to unknown provenance, and
update the relevant test to expect one fewer resource copy
Nick Morrott <> not-needed 2019-01-16
update-rtp-for-mu-debug Update module search path for mu/mu-debug When launched, mu-debug is unable to find the mu modules it depends
on because it is launched from a subdirectory of the mu module directory
structure. This patch updates the module search path to include the
root directory of the mu module structure.
Nick Morrott <> not-needed 2019-06-17
use-https-urls-in-appstream-data Where available, provide HTTPS URLs in AppStream metadata Nick Morrott <> yes 2019-11-04
fix-missing-kernel-attr-qtkernelmanager Do not attempt to access 'kernel' attr in QtKernelManager Updates to qtconsole.manager have removed the 'kernel' attribute, so do not
attempt to use it and use default setting for GUI
Nick Morrott <> yes debian upstream 2022-02-14
fix-semver-deprecation-warnings Update semver calls to use non-deprecated functions semver.parse and are deprecated and will be removed
in semver 3
Nick Morrott <> not-needed 2022-02-15
tests-reduce-builtin-mock-scope Fix tests by reducing builtin mock scope from global to module Carlos Pereira Atencio yes upstream upstream 2023-02-09
disable-microbit-mount-tests Disable micro:bit tests that may call mount locally mount is no longer available as an Essential package on buildds, so disable
tests that call it
Nick Morrott <> not-needed debian 2023-02-09

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