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Status for musescore2/2.3.2+dfsg4-15

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
debian-specific/dfsg-exclusions.diff Remove excluded paths from build mirabilos <> not-needed
experiments/no-sql.diff drop libqt5sql5, which MuseScore does not, in fact, need mirabilos <> invalid 2020-07-12
debian-specific/debundle-openssl.diff Remove OpenSSL references from kQOAuth The code will happily build without OpenSSL. James Cowgill <> not-needed
debian-specific/debundle-fonts.diff Don’t bundle fonts-freefont-ttf in the executable, use the system copy (even if this means rendering will differ
from other places and, the local user will get
the bugfixes applied to the Debian packaging of said fonts)
This was discussed around the Campania debate; basically, both
embedding and depending have upsides and downsides… ☹
Considering MuseScore is GPLv2 and the font is GPLv3+FE though
it’s safer to not embed it into the binary at all.
mirabilos <> not-needed
debian-specific/kfreebsd-oss-salsa.diff Add function missing in OSS-sALSA to fix non-Linux compile; fixup int vs. ssize_t issue in related code to ensure it will work. mirabilos <> not-needed debian
debian-specific/version-dialogue.diff show Debian/derivative versioning (helps in support) mirabilos <> not-needed
upstream/lyrics-hyphen-syllable-closer.diff Draw the first and last hyphen closer to the syllable mirabilos <> no
upstream/mscx-reproducible-save-chordlist.diff Save //ChordList/font/sym in a sorted way mirabilos <> yes upstream
upstream/save-locale-dependent-preferences.diff Save locale-dependent preferences on program start Otherwise, they will depend on the locale of each individual
invocation, instead of reusing the paths used at the first
start, letting users not find their scores.
Noticed by Natureshadow <>
mirabilos <> no
upstream/testsuite.diff Log vtest comparison in machine-parsable format mirabilos <> yes
upstream/better-batch-convert.diff Overhaul -j to make it more flexible (plus some backports) mirabilos <> yes
upstream/new-manpage.diff fix #277903: new manpage (here for 2.x) mirabilos <> yes upstream
upstream/mtest-fix-freetype-includes.diff Use system includes also for mtest mirabilos <> yes
upstream/note-accessibleInfo-const.diff Add Note::accessibleInfoConst() mirabilos <> not-needed
upstream/file-dialogues.diff fix #292912: use native file dialogues by default also on Linux mirabilos <> yes
upstream/update-AppData.diff Update AppData - Update to new AppStream standards
- Use correct AppID
- Respect installation suffix
- Remove icons (they get pulled from the desktop file)
- Fix translation domain
- Match order with appstream-glib output
- Add a provides id to match instances still using the old AppID
- Clean out empty entries in OARS, update to include donations
- Reduce vertical space usage
- Add 3.x release notes [removed from this branch]
- [Drop things not applicable for this branch’s 2.x packaging]
Juraj Fiala <> yes 2019-05-02
upstream/synth-glitches.diff fix #291756 explicitly-signed char fluid pitchadj C standards say that "char" may either be a "signed char" or "unsigned
char" but that it is up to the compilers implementation or the platform
which is followed. Some non x86 platforms, including PowerPC and ARM,
treat unspecified chars as unsigned chars, so it is necessary to
explicitly declare them as "signed char" (or to compile with
This fix ensures that fluid synth's sample's pitchadj value are
correctly read as signed.
Eric Fontaine <> no upstream, commit:4253d779cf46b9a72e5b170b6f14dcc332c7d0d7
upstream/crash-drag.diff fix #297152: crash on Ctrl+Shift+drag on Linux (under ChromeOS) Resolves:
This might be unique to Linux apps on ChromeOS,
or it might apply to other Debian "stretch systems",
but apparently passing in a null or 1x1 pixmap to a QDrag
causes it to crash on exec().
This PR fixes the problem by making the pixmap 2x2.
It also allocates it statically to be sure there is no issue
with it coming off the stack.
I also replaced the deprecated QDrag::start() call with QDrag::exec(),
which we already do when dragging *from* the palette.
This is recommended as per Qt guidelines.
MarcSabatella <> no upstream, commit:484cd7e81e378f0fedf26ecd0a4d6cd5b77d3c61
upstream/fix-staffidx.diff fix #281253: staff spacer down ignored on bottom of page Resolves:
A staff spacer on the bottom system of a page does not work correctly:
we are looking foir a spacer on the *first* staff rather than the *last*.
So a spacer on the last staff is ignored, and one on the first is used
when it shouldn't be.
The code to calculate the amount of spacer required below the last
system of a page relies on System::lastVisibleSysStaff(),
which is return the correct SysStaff, but we are then attempting
to access the idx member, which has never been set up and is always 0.
Fix is to initialize idx when setting up the list of staves.
MarcSabatella <> no upstream, commit:1d56d5564bf3079055dbc8fcbd23469045c292b4
upstream/crash-del-hbox.diff Fix a crash on removing HBox from a score Dmitri Ovodok <> no upstream, commit:24e239ed74770e24d2981883d5d435302735567a
upstream/crash-triplet.diff fix #285040 crash when changing a triplet's rest's duration - Prevent a null pointer deref when searching a linked tuplet. Rory McLeod <> no backport, commit:f654f707997610f7de96eeaeadda1ad296034630
upstream/save-no-redundant.diff fix #301116: don't write default note event values along with non-default ones Howard-C <> no backport, commit:d83b768f87a9d05a8b33a5b80e7043922ab7c337
upstream/ottava-size.diff fix #300738: Ottava (8va/8vb) number is too big Joachim Schmitz <> no backport, commit:5301009829215619953d33f03932b09c3ead5e7b
upstream/pitch-ottava.diff fix #293593 - Issues with ottavas Corrects first problem: Status doesn't display the pitch of note that have an
ottave line. This is solved in Note::tpcUserName().
Solves the second problem in issue 293593: Accidentals do apply if 8va sign is added.
This is solved in Note::updateAccidental(). All calculations are based on the
effective pitch of the a note rather than the actual pitch. The solution now
takes to ottava signs into account by using the actual pitch.
For easily find out whether an ottava is applied, a new method ottavaCapoFret()
is added which returns the pitch offset by an ottava (or capo fret). To prevent
code dublication, ppitch() also use this new ottavaCapoFret() method.
Niek van den Berg <> no backport, commit:66be5a18fa40a6358b0a78723adcd42f15176fcc
upstream/prefs-radio.diff Fix #304466: The “I/O” tab of the “Preferences” dialog should use radio buttons instead of checkboxes Fixed a UI problem with the “I/O” tab of the “Preferences” dialog that
caused mutually exclusive options to be presented to the user as
checkboxes instead of radio buttons.
The underlying technical reason for this was that the Qt framework does
not allow group boxes to have radio buttons. This has been worked
around by subclassing the QGroupBox class and rendering the checkboxes
to look like radio buttons. This is sufficient for our purposes because
the application already overrides the checkboxes' behavior to work like
radio buttons.
J. Edward Sanchez <> no upstream, commit:406b7b6bf23de8248f77015b8c38ec6d876c04cd
upstream/pitch-Cb-B#.diff fix #290987: B# and Cb octave change Resolves:
Make sure that B#, B##, Cb, and Cbb describe themselves as being in the
correct octave. This is accomplished by calculating the octave based on
what the pitch would be if there were no accidental. Thus, there is no
need to special-case certain tpcs.
Matt McClinch <> no upstream, commit:58d603b499ba6d89455a98af382f4150fc4efd5b
upstream/crash-fontname.diff Fix #303619: MuseScore crashing when entering font name Resolves:
Passing an empty string to QWidget::setStyleSheet() causes the widget's
current style sheet to be removed, thus causing the widget's style to be
inherited from its parent. This creates a problem in QComboBox::showPopup(),
where it becomes possible that a pointer to a QStyle object could used after
the object itself has been destroyed. A style sheet of " " can be used to
override any previous style sheet without invalidating the current QStyle
Matt McClinch <> no backport, commit:443ead70ac77c655095a67bfc0978145fda0c5de
upstream/wmclass.diff fix #307593: prevent duplicated icon on Ubuntu Joachim Schmitz <> no upstream, commit:0c1e286c8dd6ab0a55b031c886de1a2d394b29d2
upstream/fix-accidental-paren-pos.diff honour symbol advance width from font when drawing accidentals more specifically, accidentals in parenthesēs (or other enclosing
symbols) now have the advance width of the enclosing glyph and the
glyph from the accidental itself honoured fixing asymmetric render
of a parenthesised ♭
mirabilos <> yes
upstream/statusline-pitch-onofftime.diff indicate pitch and on/off time in the status line - indicate sounding pitch if the global concert pitch toggle
is off and the current instrument has an actual pitch,
i.e. not beat/rhythm slashes or drums; this will show the
identical pitch for nōn-transposing instruments by design
(to show we’re currently in transposing pitch mode, but the
current instrument is not transposing) which helps debugging
- indicate tuning (if any) after the sounding pitch (either mode)
- show on/off times if at least one of them is nōn-standard
The first change partially addresses node #283120.
The on/off time was requested in node #290900#comment-927933
(velocity is too hard, sorry about that).
mirabilos <> yes
upstream/improve-mscore-font.diff merge Parnassus accidentals into MScore and fix a couple of issues
Note: debian/upstream/mscore.ttf was generated by me with FontForge
from the fully patched mscore.sfd; FontForge at package build time
would have been more problematic…
mirabilos <> yes
upstream/5507.patch fix #292648: make courtesy accidentals stay if notes are changed using Ctrl+Up/Down Howard-C <> no backport, commit:431961b43657eb8463f358f53bdfdd802a8bde4d
experiments/valid-soundfont.diff Fix multiple possible causes of crashes or audible artefacts - Track sample name so we can issue proper warning messages, show filename
- On read errors, issue an error message and mark sample as invalid
- Mark sample as invalid if Ogg Vorbis decompression (SF3) fails
- Do all sanity checks on {,loop}{start,end} with SF2 semantics for end;
only switch end to point to the last sample afterwards in only one place
- Adapt sanity checks and corrections to current FluidSynth, which matches
real-existing soundfonts better
- Add sanity check provided by the SoundFont spec as extra diagnostic
- Do not crash if there is no data[]
- Issue diagnostics if disabling a sample
- Swap two members to improve structure packing/alignment while there
- Use unsigned integers for SoundFont element sizes properly
mirabilos <> yes debian upstream
debian-specific/fixup-AppData.diff Exclude undesired AppData entries plus asv-description-has-plaintext-url (Debian QA warning) fix mirabilos <> not-needed
experiments/upstream-backend-fixes.diff # DP: some changes from the branch upstream/musescore_232_go_backend
# DP: up to commit c1cbe9b0c4d0bef25d0323804bd54305cc30c081
# DP: but without the experimental exports for
experiments/lyrics-hyphen-5sp.diff Halve default lyrics hyphenation step mirabilos <> not-needed
experiments/musescore-2.1.0-qt-5.12.patch changes needed for MuseScore to build with Qt 5.12 (Alpha) One needed for MSVC only (and only since Alpha, not with the previous
preview), the other needed for MSVC and MinGW.
Neither seems to cause issues with Qt 5.9 (like AppVeyor and Travis CI
Joachim Schmitz <> not-needed
experiments/element-barbeat.diff Add Element::barbeat() and Element::accessibleBarbeat() These are const, and useful for determining the positions of elements
within the score, generally; used by experiments/log-collisions.diff
Also fix some screenreader label mistakes.
For pre-3.1, backports commit 29cd62df329525da59d01a54796171076acc9eb1
from upstream, to fix bad barbeat counting in cut time.
mirabilos <> yes
experiments/smufl-typo.diff Fix typo in SMuFL metadata Klaus Rettinghaus <> yes
experiments/smufl2sym.diff regenerate sym.* from SMuFL metadata mirabilos <> yes
experiments/revert-restriking-patch.diff Revert the unison restriking patch The restriking patch went into 2.2 (and up), 3.x, and master,
while it is not unquestioned. It was never meant to last; MIDI
channel assignment to individual voices must be made user-friendly,
but then, a reversal was intended by upstream. This diff implements
said reversal, in preparation of those other (UI, mostly) changes.
except reversal of commit d5a81add16497f9b4b7fac5717ea005c31dcc1cf
mirabilos <> yes upstream
experiments/log-collisions.diff Log unison collisions (that would otherwise be restruck) mirabilos <> invalid

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