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Status for nagios-plugin-check-multi/0.26-5

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0.26-defang-make-all.patch Ensure "make all" does not overwrite git hooks Stig Sandbeck Mathisen <> not-needed
0.26-make-test.patch Fix build test to work with perl 5.18 The test "option s requires an argument - RC3" fails when building
with perl 5.18. Output differs from perl 5.14, when called with
wrong argument.
- In perl 5.14, output goes to stdout, and looks like normal plugin
output with.
- In perl 5.18, output goes to stderr, which the included test
module does not capture. There is a new "Usage: <options>" output
to stdout, which is checked for instead.
Stig Sandbeck Mathisen <> not-needed
perl-search-path.patch Add test script directory perl search path. To fix CVE-2016-1238 . has been removed from @INC. Bas Couwenberg <> yes
unescaped-left-brace-in-regex.patch Escape left brace in regex. Quoting perldelta:
A literal "{" should now be escaped in a pattern
If you want a literal left curly bracket (also called a left brace) in
a regular expression pattern, you should now escape it by either
preceding it with a backslash ("\{") or enclosing it within square
brackets "[{]", or by using \Q; otherwise a deprecation warning will be
raised. This was first announced as forthcoming in the v5.16 release;
it will allow future extensions to the language to happen.
Bas Couwenberg <> yes upstream
check_multi-test.patch Fix 'Option s requires an argument' test. Expected output on STDERR instead of STDOUT. Bas Couwenberg <> yes debian

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