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ncbi-entrez-direct (12.0.20190816+ds-1) unstable; urgency=medium
[ Aaron M. Ucko ]
* New upstream release. (Not fully caught up, but uploading anyway to
address an FTBFS bug that turned up.)
* debian/control:
- Build-depend on github-gedex-inflector-dev.
- Declare a nominal XS-Go-Import-Path to placate dh-golang.
* debian/examples: Install BioThings support as examples for now: bt-*
(including one data file currently expected to live alongside scripts)
and xplore.
* debian/man/{download-ncbi-data,esample,exclude-uid-lists,index-bioc,j2x,
pm-collect,xml2tbl}.1: Document new commands.
* debian/man/{download-{pubmed,sequence},efetch,efilter,esearch,fetch-pubmed,
transmute,xtract}.1: Update for new release.
* debian/man/download-sequence.1: Fix copy-and-paste error (wrong name
* debian/rules:
- Belatedly use FIX_PERL_SHEBANG for bin/edirect.
- Factor out GH and GL macros for and respectively.
- Factor out a pattern rule for building Go executables (and a
supporting rule for the gounidecode compatibility symlink).
- Add $(GH)/gedex/inflector to GOLIBSRC_ (for xtract).
- Account for new download script download-ncbi-data; as-is scripts
esample, exclude-uid-lists, index-bioc, pm-collect, and xml2tbl; and Go
executable j2x (which does not use common.go).
- Set GOCACHE to avoid needing a writable (or simply existent!) HOME;
wipe the cache in override_dh_auto_clean. (Closes: 947995.)
* .gitignore: Ignore the new go-cache tree.
[ Andreas Tille ]
* d/watch: simplify + version=4
* Standards-Version: 4.5.0 (routine-update)
* debhelper-compat 12 (routine-update)
Aaron M. Ucko <> no debian

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