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Status for netdata/1.44.3-2

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
debian/0001-use-system-python.patch Ignore embedded python modules.
diff -Naurp netdata.orig/collectors/python.d.plugin/ netdata/collectors/python.d.plugin/
Lennart Weller <> no
debian/0002-use-system-exim4.patch Debian has exim in /usr/sbin which is not in the default path.
diff -Naurp netdata.orig/collectors/python.d.plugin/exim/exim.conf netdata/collectors/python.d.plugin/exim/exim.conf
Sven Hartge <> no
debian/0003-use-python3.patch Debian uses by default python 2 instead of python3.
diff -Naurp netdata.orig/collectors/python.d.plugin/ netdata/collectors/python.d.plugin/
Sander Klein <> no
debian/0004-use-bash.patch Using bash instead of sh for edit-config. It reads /etc/profile which often contains bash specific configuration.

diff -Naurp netdata.orig/system/edit-config netdata/system/edit-config
Daniel Baumann <> no
debian/0005-send-email.patch Disabling to send emails by default.
diff -Naurp netdata.orig/health/notifications/health_alarm_notify.conf netdata/health/notifications/health_alarm_notify.conf
Daniel Baumann <> no
upstream/0002-fix-FTCBFS.patch Fixes FTCBFS by not abusing AC_CHECK_FILE (Closes: #982523).
diff -Naurp netdata.orig/ netdata/
Helmut Grohne <> no

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