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Status for netpipes/4.2-8

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
01-cleanup_manpage.diff Misplaced new line separator in manpage. Fabian Franz <> no 2003-07-28
02-tailored_makefile.diff Tailor makefile for Debian packaging. Multiple alterations for the upstream makefile in order
that a package can be built according to pactices of
Debian policies.
Fabian Franz <>
Klaus Knopper <> not-needed 2003-07-28
11-missing_include-1.diff Missing prototype for strlen(). Frank Lichtenheld <> no 2008-05-22
12-manpages_formatting.diff Minor corrections to several manpages. Frank Lichtenheld <> no 2008-05-22
20-socklen_typing.diff Use an unsigned integer type. In order to silence compiler warnings, the integer type 'int'
is replaced with the correct 'socklen_t' for socket manipulations.
Mats Erik Andersson <> no 2010-04-02
22-manpage_width_error.diff Avoid a page width error by rewriting text. Mats Erik Andersson <> no 2010-04-12
24-makefile_for_dh.diff Let the makefile use DESTDIR for compatibility. Ease the use of automatic build using debhelper. Mats Erik Andersson <> not-needed 2010-04-23
30-support_ipv6.diff Implement support for IPv6. In addition to IPv6 code and address independ code,
some select cleanup could not be avoided.
Every port number is internally handled in host byte order.
All network byte order manipulations are hidden inside
get_port() and set_port().
UNIX sockets are distinguished as 'named', 'unnamed', or 'abstract'.
This effects printout.

diff -Naurp netpipes-4.2.debian//common.c netpipes-4.2//common.c
Mats Erik Andersson <> no 2015-06-27
32-newline_timelimit.diff Insert some NL in printout. Improve error formatting. Mats Erik Andersson <> no 2011-04-12
33-rename_timelimit.diff Rename internal timelimit(1). There exists an independent and actively maintained
service timelimit(1), which is an enhanced replacement
for the program produced by this source. The in-house
executable is therefore renamed `timelimit.netpipes`.
An old left-over, referencing `ssl-auth` in the manual page,
is also removed from the page netpipes(1). The executable was
never built by the Debian package.

diff -Nru netpipes-4.2.debian/Makefile netpipes-4.2/Makefile
Mats Erik Andersson <> not-needed 2011-04-10
40-hardening.diff Better use of compiler flags. The original source is neglecting the use of
CPPFLAGS and LDFLAGS. They are needed for
Mats Erik Andersson <> no 2013-06-27

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