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Status for nipype/1.8.5-3

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
deb_skip_doctest_pybids Skip doctest pybids Yaroslav Halchenko no 2018-12-18
deb_no_explicit_pydot Skip pydot version test Andreas Tille no 2020-02-20
deb_disable_google_online_snippets disable Google online snippets Yaroslav Halchenko no 2014-10-14
python3.patch Force usage of Python3 Andreas Tille <> no 2020-02-20
sphinx.patch Get sphinx doc somehow building Andreas Tille <> no 2020-02-20
fix-transpose.patch Declare a,b in tests as np arrays explicitly Nilesh Patra <> no 2022-05-02
reproducible-build.patch Make build reproducible This patch replaces local file links with remote url in the sphinx generated documentation.
Also disables printing object id in the generated doc.
Mohammed Bilal <> not-needed 2022-08-22
use_distutils_looseversion.patch As long as Python3 module looseversion is not packaged yet use distutils instead Andreas Tille <> no 2023-01-26
0101_a31870d0f9dc0e774f1cf9d18351586f78ecb252.patch [PATCH] FIX: Set dtypes for integer test images
NiBabel 4 began warning that int64 images would error, and NiBabel 5
began erroring if not passed an explicit dtype or header.

We don't need int64 images, just set some sensible dtypes.
Chris Markiewicz <> no 2023-01-28
0102_443492e82f3b197ad739cb244912ced652853a8d.patch [PATCH] FIX: Coerce depidx to lil_matrix Chris Markiewicz <> no 2023-01-28
0103_34ef6c2ff89f327fcf2951b792ef38b6d56f8c4e.patch [PATCH] FIX: Accept "str" in dipy type (includes "string") Chris Markiewicz <> no 2023-01-28
0104_83c8cf86d6bbb0dc04aa58dbe5119fd864342d9c.patch [PATCH] MNT: Update requirements from Chris Markiewicz <> no 2023-01-28
0105_24c55a6f48aa658320ff35283b6f91ec38b13a40.patch [PATCH] Writing pickles directly as networkx no longer ships write_gpickle Horea Christian <> no 2023-01-26
0106_b9a8e2000be9ce30a94aca85453d5cf4e32e10ec.patch [PATCH] updating networkx from_numpy_{matrix,array} Horea Christian <> no 2023-01-26
0107_7aa7c5968cf28afed9aca658bca28470afbfeb9f.patch [PATCH] FIX: Purge nx.to_numpy_matrix Chris Markiewicz <> no 2023-01-28
0108_f20035c303a88fba3e207ac60388397665bb97be.patch [PATCH] FIX: Purge nx.read_gpickle Chris Markiewicz <> no 2023-01-28
0109_f6bf0af19c044709de5be79a4488dcfd4d08f305.patch [PATCH] FIX: Add dtypes to nilearn interface/tests Chris Markiewicz <> no 2023-01-28

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