Debian Patches

Status for node-yarnpkg/4.0.2+dfsg-2

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
fix-algoliasearch-client-javascript.patch Patch file for component algoliasearch-client-javascript
1. Stopped parallel execution of rollup
2. Stopped creation of type definitions due to unavailable
3. Removed useless rollup plugin
fix-yarnpkg-builder.patch Patch file for @yarnpkg/builder
1. Replaced esbuild with esbuild-wasm (see
remove-cross-spawn.patch Replaced cross-spawn with spawn from node:child_process no
rename-lodash-import.patch Fixed import names of lodash packages no
fix-rollup-plugin-node-globals.patch Patch file for component rollup-plugin-node-globals
1. Fixed import names
fix-patch-console.patch Patch file for component patch-console
1. Copied content from extended tsconfig
2. Forced cjs import of sinon
fix-yoga-wasm-web.patch Patch file for component yoga-wasm-web
1. Stop using closure compiler in emscripten (Debian
version is too old)
2. Removed dependency on unpackaged rollup plugin
3. Replcaed vitest with jest in tests
fix-ink.patch Patch file for component ink
1. Copied contents from the extended tsconfig file
2. Switched to sync build of yoga-wasm-web since
top level await is unsupported for iife output
3. Excluded some tests
4. Fixed import for signal-exit
5. Forced cjs import of sinon
fix-alcalzone-ansi-tokenize.patch Patches for component alcalzone-ansi-tokenize
1. Copied contents from the extended tsconfig
file and removed an unsupported tsconfig
2. Modified how tests are run. Instead of using
ava and tsnode, the typescript test files are
compiled and the js output is run using ava
fix-ink-text-input.patch Patch file for component ink-text-input
1. Copied contents from extended tsconfig file
force-chalk-require.patch Force use of chalk cjs (v4) instead of chalk esm (v5) no
fix-yarnpkg-parsers.patch Patch file for @yarnpkg/parsers
1. Fix to use newer version of js-yaml
exclude-tests.patch Disabled some tests because:
1. Test dependency wasn't available (comment-json)
2. Some binaries which a test needed were excluded
3. Some tests only fail in test environment
fix-yarnpkg-libzip.patch Patch file for @yarnpkg/libzip
1. Stop using docker
2. Use local copy of zlib-ng and @arcanis/libzip
instead of downloading from internet
fix-yarnpkg-core.patch Patch file for @yarnpkg/core
1. Renamed import isCI to isCIImport to fix naming conflict
with class field isCI (terser couldn't differentiate
between them)
2. Moved some contents of tgzUtils.ts to tgzUtilsExt.ts to
decouple the bundle output and the tgzUtils.ts file
fix-yarnpkg-pnp.patch Patch file for @yarnpkg/pnp
1. Allowed rollup to find dependencies
fix-arcanis-libzip.patch Patch file for component arcanis-libzip
1. Removed some files from the cmake build
which were excluded from the upstream tar-
fix-zlib-ng.patch Patch file for component zlib-ng
1. Edited make rules that depend on test/ folder
which was excluded from upstream tarball

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