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Status for numad/0.5+20150602-8

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
spell-fix-in-manpage.patch fix spelling mistakes on the manpage Gustavo Panizzo <> no 2015-07-29
makefile-cflags.patch do not override CFLAGS Do not override CFLAGS so dpkg-buildflags works Jeremías Casteglione <> no 2015-03-27
debian-paths.patch install binaries on debian paths Gustavo Panizzo <> no 2015-07-29
makefile-better-cleanup.path do not remove debian dir upstream Makefile tries to remove too much Gustavo Panizzo <> no 2015-07-29
abd1802c58d40cd99c69a0f3c10041c0c2b1bd55.patch commit abd1802c58d40cd99c69a0f3c10041c0c2b1bd55

don't confuse daemon() with quotes

diff --git a/numad.init b/numad.init
index 053bb07..9ccf892 100755
Jan Synacek <> no 2015-06-03
fix-build-for-no-NR-migrate-pages.patch fix build for platforms with no __NR_migrate_pages syscall Kamal Mostafa <> no 2015-09-01
systemd-read-defaults-file numad doesn't read /etc/default/numad
Geert Nijpels <> no 2016-11-23
cf6c2c029edc9c288122bcd603a72eb7f6d042d2.patch recognize -m option correctly Jan Synacek <> no 2017-10-30
lp-1832915-fix-sparse-node-ids.patch [PATCH] fix sparse node ids
CPU-ids can be sparse due to disabling a subset of CPUs.
On ppc64le this even will make the node_ids sparse, this is actually pretty
common on ppc64 when SMT is disabled.

Numad has the assumption of cpu/node-ids always being linear and due to that
accesses the 'node' array out of bounds. That triggers crashes like the

Thread 1 "numad" received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
#0 0x00000fb6cd2779f4 in bind_process_and_migrate_memory (p=0xfb6fc1e0f70)
at numad.c:998
#1 0x00000fb6cd27d148 in manage_loads () at numad.c:2225
#2 0x00000fb6cd2734dc in main (argc=<optimized out>, argv=<optimized out>)
at numad.c:2654

Instead of directly indexing with node_id we need to detect which array
element has the matching node_id and use that.
Christian Ehrhardt <> invalid debian 2019-06-19

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