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0003-nvidia-settings-Make-VDPAUDeviceFunctions-static-to-.patch [PATCH] nvidia-settings: Make VDPAUDeviceFunctions static to ctkvdpau.c

GCC 10 defaults to building with -fno-common, which exposes a bug in
ctkvdpau.h, so both ctkvdpau.o and ctkwindow.o have it as a global, non-static
"tentative definition" symbol. The GCC 10 man page describes it like this:

In C code, this option controls the placement of global variables
defined without an initializer, known as tentative definitions in
the C standard. Tentative definitions are distinct from
declarations of a variable with the "extern" keyword, which do not
allocate storage.

The default is -fno-common, which specifies that the compiler
places uninitialized global variables in the BSS section of the
object file. This inhibits the merging of tentative definitions by
the linker so you get a multiple-definition error if the same
variable is accidentally defined in more than one compilation unit.

The -fcommon places uninitialized global variables in a common
block. This allows the linker to resolve all tentative definitions
of the same variable in different compilation units to the same
object, or to a non-tentative definition. This behavior is
inconsistent with C++, and on many targets implies a speed and code
size penalty on global variable references. It is mainly useful to
enable legacy code to link without errors.

Since the copy of VDPAUDeviceFunctions in ctkwindow.o is not used, just remove
it by moving the definition of this structure into ctkvdpau.c.
Aaron Plattner <> no 2020-05-18
link-order.diff link libraries after object files to allow proper dependency resolution
drop now superfluous --no-as-needed flag
fail on unresolved symbols
Andreas Beckmann <> no
12_nvidia-settings.desktop.diff substitute placeholders in desktop file Andreas Beckmann <> not-needed
16_gzip-n.diff use gzip -n to avoid package-contains-timestamped-gzip Andreas Beckmann <> no
typos.diff fix some typos found by lintian Andreas Beckmann <> no
kfreebsd-hurd.diff link against -ldl on !linux, too Andreas Beckmann <> no
xorg.patch resolve xorg libdir at build time Andreas Beckmann <> not-needed
conditionalize-gtk2.patch support building without GTK+ 2 Andreas Beckmann <> no

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