Debian Patches

Status for ocaml/4.14.1-1

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
0001-Don-t-use-rpath.patch Don't use rpath Stefano Zacchiroli <> no 2009-05-19
0002-Use-CCLINKFLAGS-for-linking-all-executables-and-shar.patch Use CCLINKFLAGS for linking all executables and shared libraries
This allows packagers to set additional linker flags for executables and shared
libraries created by OCaml, and for the OCaml tools themselves.
OCaml code can be linked with various C stubs and C libraries that would
benefit from using hardening link flags, such as -Wl,-z,relro.
Torok Edwin <> no debian other 2021-12-21
0003-Check-for-definition-of-AT_SECURE-before-using-it.patch Check for definition of AT_SECURE before using it
This fixes compilation on kfreebsd-*.
Stephane Glondu <> yes 2019-07-24
0004-Disable-DT_TEXTREL-warnings-on-Linux-i386.patch Disable DT_TEXTREL warnings on Linux i386 Stephane Glondu <> yes upstream 2020-07-29
0005-Trigger-output-complete-exe-on-custom-with-an-enviro.patch Trigger -output-complete-exe on -custom with an environment variable Stephane Glondu <> no 2020-09-03
0006-Do-not-error-on-warnings-in-autoconf.patch Do not error on warnings in autoconf Stephane Glondu <> no debian 2021-11-25
0007-Put-manpages-in-section-3o-instead-of-3.patch Put manpages in section 3o instead of 3 Julien Cristau <> no 2009-05-19
0008-Filter-out-f-debug-file-prefix-map-from-ocamlc_cflag.patch Filter out -f{debug,file}-prefix-map= from ocamlc_cflags and mkexe =?utf-8?q?St=C3=A9phane_Glondu?= <> not-needed debian 2023-02-08

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