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Status for ocaml-gnuplot/0.8.3-5

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
make_clean avoid bashism in clean target, don't kill all executables Ralf Treinen <> no 2019-09-04
make_install honor $(PREFIX) when installing libraries Ralf Treinen <> no 2019-09-04
demos_makefile make Makefile selfcontaining so that it can be used to compile
demos outside of the ocaml-gnuiplot source tree.
Ralf Treinen <> no 2019-09-04
install-byte the install target must depend only on the files that are to be

installed and not on the "all" target, otherwise "make install" will fail
when ocaml does not compile to native code.
Ralf Treinen <> no 2019-09-04
0005-Fix-compilation-with-OCaml-4.08.0.patch Fix compilation with OCaml 4.08.0 Stephane Glondu <> no 2019-09-04
auto-gitignore Update .gitignore from Debian packaging branch
The Debian packaging git branch contains these updates to the upstream
.gitignore file(s). This patch is autogenerated, to provide these
updates to users of the official Debian archive view of the package.

[dgit (11.1) update-gitignore]

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