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Status for oclgrind/21.10-3

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
0001-Support-LLVM-14-203.patch [PATCH] Support LLVM 14 (#203)
* support llvm 14

* fix on windows for llvm14

* Disable macOS + LLVM 13 CI build

The GitHub Actions images do not seem to have a version of Xcode that
is compatible with the prebuilt LLVM 13 binaries.

* Fix mismatched LLVM version for CTS CI jobs
Alex Fikl <> no 2022-09-04
private-library-location.patch Update to reflect private lib location James Price <> no 2015-08-07
library-versions.patch Include version in library name James Price <> no 2015-08-07
pch-location.patch Move PCH files to /usr/lib/*/oclgrind/<VERSION>/ This allows multiple version of liboclgrind to co-exist. James Price <> no 2015-08-07
use-opencl-headers.patch Don't use local copy of CL/ headers James Price <> no 2015-12-08
atomic.patch no

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