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Status for opendht/2.4.12-7

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1000-cmake-fix-no-atomic-64.patch [PATCH] build/cmake: Link libatomic where needed for 64-bit atomic ops.

Link against libatomic also on architectures that need it for 64-bit
atomic operations. ARM EABI (armel) and little-endian MIPS (mipsel)
are two such architectures.
Amin Bandali <> yes 2023-02-05
1010-man-page-formatting.patch Correct dhtnode(1) man page formatting This fixes the following lintian issue:
22: warning: macro 'mF' not defined [usr/share/man/man1/dhtnode.1.gz:1]
Jakob Haufe no 2023-02-22
2000-cmake-python-no-build-install.patch Disable building and installing Python bindings by upstream Comment out the build and install bits from python/CMakeLists.txt so
we could do so from debian/rules.

diff --git a/python/CMakeLists.txt b/python/CMakeLists.txt
index 595cded..cd74c18 100644
Amin Bandali <> no 2023-01-29

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