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Status for opendkim/2.11.0~beta2-9

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
2048bit-genkey.patch Set opendkim-genkey to default to 2048 bit sha-256 only keys based on current best practices Scott Kitterman <> not-needed
nsupdate_output.patch This patch addresses several issues with the nsupdate output:

o Add the correct fields (v=DKIM1, etc) before the key
o Properly break fields into 255 byte chunks
o Add the possibility to restrict the key to email signing

Based on an original patch by Marco Favero as posted at:
yes upstream
fix-miltertest-data.patch miltertest: Fix broken function David Brgin <> yes upstream
fix-miltertest-eom-check-smtpreply.patch miltertest: Fix undefined behaviour in mt.eom_check() with MT_SMTPREPLY David Brgin <> yes upstream
fix-genzone-subdomains.patch opendkim-genzone: Fix inverted logic in subdomains switch (-s) After a patch by Andreas Schulze that was only partially applied upstream. David Brgin <> yes upstream other,
suppress-brackets-syslog.patch Suppress empty brackets in syslog startup message David Brgin <> yes upstream
cve-2020-12272.patch LIBOPENDKIM: Confirm that the value of "d=" is properly formed. Murray S. Kucherawy <> not-needed upstream,
opendkim-genkey-typo.patch opendkim-genkey: Correct typo "restricted" in man page Felix Stupp <> yes upstream
replace-headers.patch Add missing ReplaceHeaders definition Toby Ovod-Everett yes upstream
insheader.patch Insert trace headers at index 0 David Brgin <> yes upstream
mlfi_close.patch Reorder mlfi_close logic fixing use-after-free error David Brgin <> yes upstream
conf_refcnt.patch opendkim/opendkim.c:dkimf_config_free(): don't assert conf->refcnt == 0 yes upstream
lua-5.3.patch Add support for Lua 5.3 Matt Domsch <> yes upstream
fix-RSA_Sign-call.patch Fix signedness bug in RSA_Sign call Martin Grimm <> yes upstream
rev-ares-deletion.patch Delete Authentication-Results headers in reverse (CVE-2022-48521) David Brgin <> yes upstream
ares-missing-space.patch Add missing space in Authentication-Results header David Brgin <> yes upstream

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