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Status for openjazz/20190106-3

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
homedir.patch look in home directory for data files no
0001-Fix-some-new-GCC-7-8-warnings.patch [PATCH 01/36] Fix some new GCC 7 + 8 warnings Plug a memleak when configuration format is invalid Fix unintentionally changing the difficulty
when leaving menu
Carsten Teibes <> no 2019-01-12
0004-Plug-a-memory-leak-when-loading-demo-levels.patch [PATCH 04/36] Plug a memory leak when loading demo levels Carsten Teibes <> no 2019-01-12
0007-Music-fixes-for-Opening-and-Demo-fixes-56.patch [PATCH 07/36] Music fixes for Opening and Demo (fixes #56) - Play the opening music directly, original game has it hardcoded - Play correct level
music in demo levels, instead of menu song - Do not restart music playback,
when same music file is played
Carsten Teibes <> no 2019-01-17
0008-Show-Level-cleared-cutscene-when-changing-worlds.patch [PATCH 08/36] Show "Level cleared" cutscene when changing worlds Fixes #55 Carsten Teibes <> no 2019-01-19
0009-Gray-out-ingame-save-load-options.patch [PATCH 09/36] Gray out ingame save/load options This should prevent further bug reports about them not working. Carsten Teibes <> no 2019-01-19
0014-Do-not-use-palette-effects-when-game-is-paused.patch [PATCH 14/36] Do not use palette effects when game is paused Fixes #9 Carsten Teibes <> no 2019-01-19
0016-Flash-blue-when-collecting-running-shoes.patch [PATCH 16/36] Flash blue when collecting running shoes Related: #25 Carsten Teibes <> no 2019-01-19
0017-Get-rid-of-some-magic-numbers-playSound.patch [PATCH 17/36] Get rid of some magic numbers (playSound) Carsten Teibes <> no 2019-01-19
0031-Allow-stopping-palette-effects.-Properly-fix-9.patch [PATCH 31/36] Allow stopping palette effects. Properly fix #9 Earlier solution was bad, when returning from setup menu the sky was missing. Carsten Teibes <> no 2019-01-20
0032-Change-shield-direction-depending-on-facing.patch [PATCH 32/36] Change shield direction depending on facing Related: #59 Carsten Teibes <> no 2019-01-20
0033-Replay-sound-effect-before-invincibility-wears-off.patch [PATCH 33/36] Replay sound effect before invincibility wears off Related: #58 Carsten Teibes <> no 2019-01-21
0035-Set-window-caption-to-current-level-name.patch [PATCH 35/36] Set window caption to current level name Carsten Teibes <> no 2019-05-05
0036-Documentation-update.patch [PATCH 36/36] Documentation update Carsten Teibes <> no 2019-05-05

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