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Status for oscar4/5.2.0+dfsg-2

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
change-build-order.patch Build order needs to be changed, as Debian build does not seem to get it right. Andrius Merkys <> not-needed
remove-jexample-tests.patch JExample is not packaged for Debian. Andrius Merkys <> not-needed
remove-ngrambuilder-tests.patch Deserialisation tests for NGramBuilderTest fail due to nonexistent files. Andrius Merkys <> not-needed
add-jaxen.patch Adding dependency on jaxen due to #970723. Andrius Merkys <> not-needed
remove-extra-enforcer-rules.patch Bytecode version enforcement is not needed for Debian. Andrius Merkys <> not-needed
remove-recogniser-tests.patch As DFAONTCPRFinder pre-trained model is removed from the tarball due to DFSG and ML Policy compliance, tests cannot be run. Andrius Merkys <> not-needed
remove-inchi.patch Removing InChI support due to opsin >= 2.6.0 no longer being able to work with DFSG-compliant inchi library. Andrius Merkys <> not-needed

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