Debian Patches

Status for p7zip/16.02+dfsg-8

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
01-makefile.patch Makefiles cleanup =?utf-8?q?Mohammed_Adn=C3=A8_Trojette?= <> no 2006-06-04
02-man.patch Man pages fixes =?utf-8?q?Mohammed_Adn=C3=A8_Trojette?= <> no 2006-06-04
03-include-linux-makefile.patch Include linux makefile
Include appropriate makefile from makefile.machine
- makefile.linux_x86_asm_gcc_4.X on i386;
- makefile.linux_amd64_asm on amd64;
- makefile.linux_any_cpu_gcc_4.X otherwise.

Update makefile.linux_amd64_asm to have the same visibility
flags as the *gcc_4.X makefiles.

Update makefile.linux_x86_asm_gcc_4.X to use yasm instead
of nasm.
Robert Luberda <> no 2016-01-22
05-hardening-flags.patch Hardening flags
Add support for $(CPPFLAGS) and do not override $(CXXFLAGS)
and $(CFLAGS)
Robert Luberda <> no debian 2016-01-22
09-man-update.patch Update man pages
Update 7z, 7za and 7zr man pages based on the usage output printed
by the commands.

Remove reference to -p{Password} option from the 7zr(1) page, as the
command does not support it (LP: 558609)

Mention in 7z(1) that the 7z command might be slower than 7za (closes: #636667).

Replace "the highest compression ratio" with "high" or "very high"
and make sure the phrase refers to the 7z format, not to the archive
program itself (closes: #636179)
Robert Luberda <> no debian 2016-03-06
10-drop-fm-doc.patch Remove references to fm/ dir and license.htm
Remove references to fm/* which describes Windows GUI, which
is not available in this package.

Replace references to license.htm with references to copyright.

Drop .exe extension from 7z commands (LP: #181402).

Robert Luberda <> no 2016-03-06
11-README-no-instructions.patch Remove build instructions from README file Robert Luberda <> no 2016-03-06
12-CVE-2016-9296.patch Fix nullptr dereference (CVE-2016-9296)
Patch taken from
Robert Luberda <> no 2016-11-19
13-CVE-2017-17969.patch Heap-based buffer overflow in 7zip/Compress/ShrinkDecoder.cpp =?utf-8?q?Antoine_Beaupr=C3=A9?= <> yes debian upstream vendor, 2018-02-01
14-Fix-g++-warning.patch Fix g++ warning
Fix for "use of an operand of type 'bool' in 'operator++'
is deprecated [-Wdeprecated]" warning taken from 7zip 18.00.beta
Robert Luberda <> no 2018-01-28
15-Fix-FTBFS-gcc10.patch Fix FTBFS with gcc-10
Fix compilation error caused by narrowing conversion.
Robert Luberda <> no 2020-08-15

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