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Status for pandas/1.5.3+dfsg-2

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
deb_disable_googleanalytics.patch Avoid privacy breach by Google Analytics
Andreas Tille <>,
Rebecca N. Palmer <>
Yaroslav Halchenko <>, not-needed
mathjax-path.patch Use Debian packaged mathjax Andreas Tille <> not-needed
deb_nonversioneer_version.patch Don't try to use git to find the version number
Needed as Debian buildds use tarballs
Yaroslav Halchenko not-needed
deb_doc_donotoverride_PYTHONPATH.patch Don't try to import from the source directory
Needed as we build the extension modules elsewhere
Yaroslav Halchenko not-needed
xfail_tests_nonintel_io.patch HDF5 and Stata I/O are broken on some architectures
Fix some issues, warn on use and xfail tests for the remainder

armhf TestHDF5Store::test*encoding only sometimes crashes
(1.1.3+dfsg-1 passed on build but failed autopkgtest)

HDF5 and Stata are known to fail on big-endian architectures
Stata also fails on qemu-ppc64el, but not real ppc64el
Andreas Tille <>, Graham Inggs <>, Yaroslav Halchenko <>, Rebecca N. Palmer <> no debian
skip_noencoding_locales.patch Don't test datetime in locales with no encoding
Some datetime tests run the test in every available locale.
If this set includes locales without an encoding (currently dsb_DE
and sah_RU), it fails due to Python bug

Failure log
Rebecca N. Palmer <> no upstream
use_system_intersphinx.patch Use packaged intersphinx indexes Rebecca N. Palmer <> not-needed debian
contributor_list_not_in_tarball.patch Don't try to read a contributor list from the git log
Debian packages are built from tarballs, so there isn't a git log.
Rebecca N. Palmer <> not-needed
tests_dont_assume_endian.patch Fix or skip tests that assume the wrong endianness
This is a bug in the tests not pandas itself -
the expected values explicitly specify little-endian
Rebecca N. Palmer <> not-needed
fix_random_seeds.patch Use fixed seeds for reproducible pseudorandomness Rebecca N. Palmer <> no
xfail_c_locale.patch Xfail a test that doesn't work in the C locale Rebecca N. Palmer <> no
privacy.patch Link to rather than embed Google calendar Rebecca N. Palmer <> not-needed
find_test_data.patch Allow tests to use the data files in the source tree
We don't ship these in the package,
but do want to run the tests that use them
Rebecca N. Palmer <> not-needed
remove_ccbysa_snippets.patch Remove code from Stack Overflow
Stack Overflow content is CC-BY-SA licensed,
which this package is not supposed to be. These snippets may be
too small to be copyrightable, but removing them to be safe.
Rebecca N. Palmer <> invalid
numba_fail_32bit.patch Allow some numba errors on non-amd64, warn on non-x86
Specifying the exception type allows only explicit errors,
not silently wrong answers

Numba has been observed to give wrong answers on mipsel,
and crash on armel (LLVM ERROR) and s390x (segfault).
Rebecca N. Palmer <> no
hurd_compat.patch Avoid test failures on Hurd
Allow multiprocessing to be unavailable
Accept any errno not just 2 for (intentionally) nonexistent files
(Hurd appears to use 2**30+2)
Rebecca N. Palmer <> no
968208_rounding.patch Don't fail test for rounding difference on i386 Rebecca N. Palmer <> no debian
skip_test_missing_required_dependency.patch Skip test that fails from outside the source tree Rebecca N. Palmer <> not-needed
fix_overly_arch_specific_xfails.patch Fix arch-specific upstream xfails
We test on more architectures, so upstream's xfails are not always
correct everywhere. On those known to fail:
arm64 xfail -> all non-x86 xfail
x86 or unconditional strict xfail -> unconditional nonstrict xfail

pandas/tests/window/ also gets an i386 xfail for
rounding error that may be x87 excess precision
Rebecca N. Palmer <> no upstream
mips_warning.patch Warn that pandas is possibly broken on mips(64)(el)
Tests disabled in d/rules
Rebecca N. Palmer <> not-needed
tests_dont_assume_64bit.patch Fix test failures on 32-bit systems Rebecca N. Palmer <> no debian
armel_ignore_nonwarning.patch Don't require a warning armel numpy doesn't have Rebecca N. Palmer <> invalid
float_to_datetime.patch float-to-datetime conversion fixes
Avoid assuming that NaN casts to NaT (= fails on riscv64/hppa ?)
Don't round to int for the bounds check when we don't for the real
conversion (wrong near the bounds, and maybe also a waste of time)
Rebecca N. Palmer <> yes
no_sphinx_toggleprompt.patch Don't try to use a Sphinx extension we don't have Rebecca N. Palmer <> not-needed
sphinx_old_pydata_theme.patch Allow building with Debian's pydata-sphinx-theme
This is currently too old to have all the options upstream expects
1029251_ignore_rounding_error.patch Don't fail plot tests on rounding error Rebecca N. Palmer <> no debian
numpy1p24.patch Ignore extra warning from numpy 1.24 Rebecca N. Palmer <> not-needed
1031437.patch Use a non-backzone timezone for test Rebecca N. Palmer <> yes debian

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