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Status for password-store/1.7.4-6

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
editor.patch Use editor(1) rather than vi(1) if EDITOR is unset Colin Watson <> not-needed debian 2014-07-03
gnupg1-support.patch Support gnupg1 as an alternative to gnupg2
This also deals with systems where "gpg" is GnuPG 2.
Helmut Grohne <> no debian 2021-06-13
test-reencryption-c-locale.patch Run gpg with LC_ALL=C in reencryption test Colin Watson <> no 2018-06-15
temporary-gnupghome.patch Copy tests/gnupg/ into trash directory for tests
gpg2 currently creates a Unix socket in GNUPGHOME, which therefore needs
to fit in 108 bytes (the maximum length for a Unix socket path).
Copying tests/gnupg/ into the temporary trash directory makes it easier
to set things up so that it's always in a short enough path, as well as
avoiding accidental pollution by tests.
Colin Watson <> yes debian 2017-05-09
tree-2.0-compat.patch Ensure compatibility with tree 2.0
Tree 2.0 and later will unconditionally ignore all options and write
JSON data on file descriptor 3 when available, which causes problems
for the test harness and other scripts that use FD 3. Work around by
closing descriptor 3 for the 'tree' command.
Marius Bakke <> no debian upstream, 2022-02-13

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